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A little over an hour later: I realized what else I wanted to say. Like I said, I’ll probably stop by the Wally World distribution center, but then I’ll probably go down to Fort Wayne so I can exchange these scrips Mom bought at a charity auction for some tickets (since the regular season ends next week and they’ll be worthless if I don’t). We’re probably going to go next week (it’ll be Good Friday, which I guess causes the public library to close, because Mom’s off that day). It’ll likely be Mom, one of her friends, Adam and I that’ll go. I’m quite gleeful, considering this will be my first live hockey game EVER, unless I was taken to K-Wings games as a baby and I don’t remember (pity I don’t follow the UHL as much as I should).

I also just listened to a message from Target Distribution, and I called back and scheduled an interview scheduled for April 10th. Of course, the person screws up my name, but there’s no hard feelings, right? (Curse you, Ma, first for my hyphenated name and then for enjoying non-dairy creamer!!! >:O) Sounds better than last time, since they didn’t schedule me for an interview at all.

I suppose I should get ready and do what I need to do. Bah, I’ll wait until noon before I get around. Maybe that place in Maumee that I applied through Monster will call. I suppose that’s only wishful thinking, right? (I’ve got to stop ending sentences with the interrogative “right.”)


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