The day

The drive down to Ft. Wayne wasn’t all that exciting. The tickets have been gotten, and at least from the diagram, they look to be good seats. Sometime, there will probably a debate on where we’ll eat. I would prefer the Red Robin in Glenbrook Square, or perhaps maybe Ruby Tuesday or Hooters. Ft. Wayne’s got quite a lot, but then it is the second largest city in the Hoosier State. Anyway, I’m sure the game and everything will be good.

One bad thing about the Wal-Mart distribution center is that there’s absolutely no signage from Jonesville Rd. I had to turn around in the truck entrance and come back to where the employees go in and drive around the complex, since the entrance to the building is all the way in the back. At least at Target, the parking was conveniently in front by where the driveway was. And yes, I know April 10th is a long time from when I put my app in there. But for some reason, I feel fairly confident this time. Confident that maybe, after six grueling months, perhaps I’ll get on my feet again. But I’m barely confident on where I want to go once I do get back on track. There are many options, but I feel so overwhelmed by them. But I’ve got to overcome my current hurdles before I can seriously consider the next ones. I’ll take life one step at a time, like they always say.

At least this weekend should be peaceful, since Mom’s off at her Crop till you Drop over at Somerset Beach for the whole weekend. Adam has a Quiz Bowl competition tomorrow morning, so I’ll have the house to myself for that brief period. Sigh, I’m going to a hockey game next week, and I can’t feel the least bit excited. What’s become of me? 😥 All these thoughts are weighing on my mind. I guess once next Friday rolls around, it’ll be a day of great escape. But I know I’ll have to come back.


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