A snowy Monday

I caught a little bit of the Oscars last night, and it seemed a bit more subdued than in years past. I was also quite enraged about Mitch Albom’s column yesterday about why campaign finance reform should be passed. The one thing I did find amusing was when he mentioned Enron. If he wanted to say he supported it, why did he use the same illogical class warfare arguments that the liberals tried and failed to make stick? It is a fact that this legislation erodes free speech. Stop trying to dispute that. To hear that Bush will sign it angers me to no end. Yeah, there’s the thought that he’s focused on the war, but doesn’t protecting the Constitution (i.e. his sworn oath) pose a much greater importance? It should never just be left to the courts to declare it unconstitutional, because just maybe they won’t. I’m still hopeful that Bush will have a change of heart and veto this legislation. Congress has no right to tell us how much we can contribute to political parties or to limit commercials (i.e., limit free speech).


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