Yesterday’s happenings

Adam got a call last night, and he’s playing Barabas in the Way of the Cross thing that Bronson has every year. That means we’re not leaving to Fort Wayne as early as I wanted. Mom’s actually thinking about getting a hotel room overnight and doing some shopping on Saturday, despite the fact that we’re only 50-60 miles from Ft. Wayne. I don’t justify the expense of a hotel room when all you’re really doing is sleeping for the night and home is less than 100 miles away. At least we’re likely going to eat at Red Robin, which I’ve read so much about, but never have had the chance to actually eat there myself. I couldn’t even tell you the nearest Michigan location, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen any here (they aren’t as prevalent as Applebee’s or Chili’s, that’s for certain).

I must also offer congratulations to Maaike for landing another job so quickly. Lord knows I’ve been searching for months and I’m still searching. But this paragraph isn’t about me, so I wish the Jellymeister good luck with her new employer.


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