Bleh, the hockey game was so-so

It actually turned out being just Adam, Mom, and myself, after Mom’s friend couldn’t go because of disability. We obviously couldn’t get someone else to go at the last minute, so what did we end up doing with the extra ticket?

“You could put in your scrapbook, Mom,” Adam says.

“Oh yeah!” Mom beams. Of course, I hang my head in disgust.

Anyway, we get to the Coliseum in plenty of time. We truly had decent seats, just to the left of the press box. What intrigued me was that (and perhaps it’s only one or two arenas where this happens) the player benches were on opposite sides of the ice. But anyway, as to the game itself, Ft. Wayne just let Flint dicate the flow of the game. Of course, the important lesson here is that if you let your opponent dictate the pace of the game, you’re surely going to lose. In this case, the Flint Generals spanked the Komets 7-3, even though the Komets outshot them 32-31 or whatever. I’d throw up a link to the box score, but eh, tiredness would have me do otherwise. Perhaps later on, when I’ve had a decent amount of sleep. Other highlights of the game included one of the Komets’ players heading off on a stretcher (okay, so that’s a lowlight, but something memorable). There were also a bunch of dumb penalties and missed penalties, but when will you ever find a flawless officiated game at any level?

After the game, I wanted to eat at Red Robin, but I drive by to see that they close at 11:00 (grrr! >:O). We ended up going back to Hooters (yeah, I went to Hooters with my mom, and I’m not ashamed!). For the third consecutive time when I order beer, I don’t get carded. I ate some of the famous wings with 911 sauce (my tolerance for spicy foods is beyond any unreasonable limit). Adam got his picture taken with four of the Hooters girls so he could upstage one of his classmates who only has a picture with two of them. There were no pictures of me with Hooters girls, but did I mention I went to Hooters with my mom and that I’m not ashamed? I did? Yeah, guess I’m not the mac daddy I thought I was.

Anyhoo, we got back home about an hour ago, and I’m tired. Must sleep and plan for later today, which probably will be tagging along with Mom while she shops again (did I…oh yes, no need to go through it a third time).


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