I just don’t get it

As I’m sure you’ve read throughout LJ-land, the Queen Mother died. Now I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone, but when Milton Berle died, why did it seem that I was the only one who mentioned anything about it? Yet the Queen Mum dies, and everyone seems to be affected somehow. Granted, I probably wouldn’t have mentioned Uncle Miltie’s death if I hadn’t seen the quote from him which eerily echoes my own philosophy at the end of the story. But still, society (or is it just the LJ folk?) seems to bring more importance to a figurehead than the father of TV, at least as we know it today. I find that horribly disconcerting. Anyway, the Windsors must be devastated, after losing Princess Margaret less than two months ago (I thought it had been longer), the Queen Mum also passes away. Still, 101 is a remarkable age to live, given the busy schedule she had even through her nineties.


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