Finally, an inspired effort by the Wings

They dominated the Thrashers, beating them 4-1. It was nice to see them get out of the gates from the beginning, even though they were playing East basement dweller Atlanta. Of course, it was also nice to see Manny get a win. I’m looking forward to Monday’s game against the Leafs. Lately, the Wings have been playing stronger against stronger teams.

Dad’s taking his vacation this week while Adam is on his spring break, so I’ll have company around the house this week. They won’t be too bothersome, though. Mom for some reason thinks we all have to go with her to Steve’s church, but if I don’t want to wake up on a Sunday morning, I won’t. It doesn’t matter if it’s Easter or the first Sunday of Pentecost or whatever. What’s the point of having a day of rest (whatever day it is in whatever religion being practiced) if I have to be roused earlier than what I want?

I also read the blurb about Roy getting misconduct penalties after throwing his stick at a Phoenix rookie after giving up a penalty shot. I’m one whose eagerly awaiting a fine and suspension for this incident. There is absolutely no excuse for this behavior, even though it isn’t totally unexpected coming from Patrick Roy. I don’t think I’ll be content with him until he retires.

Last, but certainly not least, I wish you all CAHNIVOROUS EASTAH BUNNIES!!

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