Another Monday, another dull day

Baseball officially gets underway today for everyone besides the Indians and the Angels (who played last night), and I’m quite pissed that the Cub game is not on WGN. I think however that ever since Fox Sports got the rights to air games that now they air the majority of them. It seems in recent years that WGN has had significantly fewer games. It seems everyday when I was a young kid, I’d come home from school and the Cubs game would be on. I would marvel as Harry would sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during all the home seventh inning stretches and would be quite content if the Cubs came back if they were behind to win. Those were great times as a kid, just watching the game in all its glory and never worrying about the economics of the game.

I would make an April Fools’ joke, but I’m too tired to even contemplate what I would do to make it a successful one. It never really concerned me that much, because usually I’m not outgoing enough to make a good prank. I certainly don’t have the organizational prowess to make a more complicated one. Usually, I’m amused by fictitious news releases (it seems many of my fellow roadgeeks can pull these off). But then, I’m always amused by a weird news story, so when they are made up, you can’t help but have a little grin on your face.

Ah, April is in full swing. We have the start of baseball, and soon, very soon, we’ll have NHL playoffs. It’ll be quite an exciting spring.


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