Yes! Common sense wins again!

The Michigan Court of Appeals has struck down an old swearing law and reversed the conviction of the so-called “cussing canoeist.” I remembered how angry I was the first time this case went to trial, because basically the law tried to “protect women and children,” as if either group would be greatly hurt by swearing *sneer*. Now I can curse without fear of some oversensitive zealot barely hearing me miles away trying to turn me in for some crime, for just uttering a four-letter word should not by itself be a crime against anyone. It’s not that I never had that fear before (I think I’d be able to sucessfully fight off charges of this law if it still were in force), but having one of these antiquated laws off the books gives hope that more of these laws might one day be scrapped because of their unconstitutionality (hell, some of our more current laws should receive such treatment).

I don’t know why my life has stunk so much lately. Tomorrow will be six months since I turned 21, yet I feel six decades older. I’m tired of just plugging away through life. I try to make something happen, and it just fizzles out in front of me. Oh well, I’ll get back on track, just you wait. Then I’ll be able to pursue what I want, what I need.


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