At the library again

Adam was able to find that wrapper with the OEM number, so GAN GAN GAN GAN victory for me! I figured I might as well come in with Dad and Adam again so I could check on any emails. Nothing too important has come between four and a half hours ago and now. It’s quite interesting, because if I hadn’t come along, they’d have used Dad’s car, but since I’m tagging along, we’re using my car. At least I’ll get a tank of gas out of the deal, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much about that. This time around, I’m using a terminal that has XP Pro on it. I wonder how much convincing I’d have to do to get Mom to buy a system with XP installed (needless to say, any NT kernel would be better than a 9x kernel). Something to think about when I have greenbacks, I guess.

A thought just occured to me while pondering Marc’s AOL debacle. Most ISPs’ tech support think they’re dealing with clueless idiots, but in fact, it’s we the customers who have to deal with clueless idiots.

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