Yes, I’m here at the library yet again, because this time my computer decided to languish on me. A power failure on Tuesday seemed to put both my hard drives into a fit. Now what I normally do in this situation is reformat the hard drive and reinstall, but this time around, my CD-ROM doesn’t want to read correctly (this actually happened last time I had to re-format, but I decided I didn’t want to mess around anymore). Now I have to go back home and find the OEM number for the Windows CD (because no one puts it in a sensible place). Gosh, my computer must be eons old in terms of computer age, because I’m the one who put it together back in good ol ’97. While our current setup has served us well, maybe it’s about time we went with something a little faster. As long as we avoid those deals where we’re stuck with an ISP we don’t want to use, we should be able to pick up a new Athlon or Pentium IV system for reasonably less than $2,000 (we just bought a new monitor not too long ago).

But anyway, we’ve got what we got, and I don’t think we’ll be able to pick up something new relatively quickly. Gads, I know I wanted something new by now, but the financial situation wouldn’t allow it. It hasn’t allowed for many things. Eh, I suppose I should run home and rummage for that OEM number. Maybe it’ll make my day just a little bit saner.


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