Bleh, another loss

The Red Wings suffered another three-goal loss to the Sharks. I just can’t be certain if the Wings will be able to just turn it on when the playoffs roll around. I know that the resting strategy is one of the reasons they’re on their winless streak, but even so, you’d think those that are playing would play with just a little more effort. It was nice, however, to see the Sharks move into second position over Colorado. Damn, 2-8 in the West are tight!

We got the computer back yesterday. I still haven’t got all the programs that I want reinstalled, but of course, I’ll get to them as I get to them. I do need to get Winamp reinstalled, because as it stands now, Windows Media Player is set to handle all the sound junk, and I simply cannot have that. However, I don’t think I missed too much while the machine was out for repair. We have a much faster CD-ROM drive and a noisier and bigger fan, but it was well worth it at least until it’s decided we need to replace the entire system.

Daylight saving time has struck again, and I believe I’m finally coming to the position of Indiana and Arizona on the issue. Why is it important that there be daylight at about 8:45 or whenever the sun sets while we observe DST? Sure, as a kid, I reveled in playing outside up until 9, but as an adult, it all seems rather pointless, adjusting our clocks now just to readjust them six months from now. I don’t think I’ll lose any sleep this morning, because I plan to sleep as long as I want anyway.

I must also express utter glee that the Mets had a nine run ninth last night. Mwahahaha!


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