It sucks to be me

It’s the third consecutive day I’ve worn sweatpants throughout the day, and surprisingly, I feel just fine. I can’t really pound the pavement today, as Adam has taken my car yet again after missing his bus for the umpteenth time (you wouldn’t think he graduates in less than two months now). Wednesday, however, will have to be quite different, as I interview at the Target Distribution Center at 10:30 in the AM. That’ll mean I want to be up no later than 7, and with me, you know I’ll have to set the ol’ alarm (or if we want to get ancient, alarum). I’ve heard that I’ll have to keep my heartrate below a certain level, or I won’t even be considered any further. I must have mentioned the pay before, so I won’t go through with it again, but if I get the right shift, it’ll probably be slightly more than I made up at Peckham. As always, I’m up to the physical demands of the job, and the fact that it’s probably fast paced means that there’ll be little time for boredom. It’s just been too long for me to go without what I’ve needed for so long.

For some strange reason, I’m really looking forward to Whammy, the new Press Your Luck. If you ever watched the original show, you’ll quickly know why. Also, the promos are a little goofball to say the least, but what can you expect of something that’ll appear on Game Show Network? If they stick tight to the original show’s format, I think it’ll find some success. Game Show Network is also bringing Win, Lose, or Draw reruns on the same day, so I’ll get to wax in the nostalgia.

I think I’ll go and change these clothes now, so I feel a little more less lazy. I just can’t seem to shake this feeling of dread that I’ve felt these past six months.

Edit: “A little more less lazy”? Damn, I think I’m starting to lose it.


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