I forget how much walking gets the pulse going

It was quite a lovely day for a walk. The temperature was in the 60s, and with a brisk wind, it felt quite satisfying. It gave me time to contemplate my worth in this world, which pretty much to this point has been jack squat. Of course, I also came to a conclusion, one that’s been avoided by me for almost ten years.

I need to rediscover my love for bicycling. Ever since I was able to finally master riding without training wheels, I felt as if one of my life goals had been accomplished. I felt a sense of unbridled joy, as now I could ride bikes with all my friends in the neighborhood. And to ride around my neighborhood was quite a thrill, too, as Milwood is quite a large neighborhood. I was only bound by my parents’ boundaries, which interestingly enough were set by them after I had walked all the way over to Sprinkle Road and back. It seemed quite restrictive, because it meant I couldn’t bike down to Milham Park without getting a tongue lashing if they found out. All the worries of the world went away as I rode my bike (a Queen song will attest to that). There was nothing that really bothered me; I just had to be careful so as not to get hit by cars. Speaking of that, I was rear-ended by a car once, but the only damage was to the bike’s rear wheel and a few scrapes on my leg.

But now, it seems we don’t have a decent bike around the house. I eventually outgrew my bikes, and getting my driver’s license sort of brought interest to a new kind of vehicle. But I have no doubt that even if I ever drive a million miles in my car, the love and excitement will never be as much as that given by riding a hundred miles on my bike.


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