Well, it looks like it’ll be an interesting first round for the Wings

They lost to the Blues 3-2 in OT. Now I would very much like for them to win tomorrow, so they aren’t riding a winless streak into the playoffs. All sixteen teams are set, but there will be some jockeying for position on Sunday I have no doubt. Boston is #1 in the East and will play a Montreal team fired up by the return of Koivu. Neither of the 1-8 matches will be a cakewalk for the #1 seeds. And despite Boston being my favorite team in the East, I’m still going to root for the Habs. Even without the Koivu story, Montreal would return to some respecability if they could at least make it to the Eastern Finals. And because we know which sixteen teams are in, I might as well ask this question:

And after looking things over: AAACK! The limit for the option button poll question is only 15 choices, and somehow I left out Colorado. Please, PLEASE, note that it was just a mental slip and not an intentional snub to the Av fans. In fact, if you don’t believe me, I’ll even pull for the Avs to get through the first round (though I’ll make no guarantees about later rounds). I do humbly regret that not all the teams could be listed. I also just realized that I could split the teams into their respective conferences, but I wanted to have it like I did above, which one of everyone would you like to see get the Cup besides your favorite. Please don’t send me hate mail. :O


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