Strange dreams

I had a dream this morning about someone emailing me; the content and sender I will not divulge (it wasn’t someone my brain made up). But for a brief moment, I thought it was for real.

I’ve decided to not analyze each playoff series myself. You all can go track down that information yourselves and make your own conclusions. But I will say that the only sweep that I’ll predict in the first round is that of Carolina (yeah, no one gives the old Whalers any respect). Every matchup will be very exciting, as all playoff matchups should be. There is no clear favorite to win the Cup (despite what you heard back at the start of the season). I will however make my predictions for the first round, though, probably tomorrow or so (obviously before the first puck drop, duh).

Dad decided to cancel the second phone line, so that means I’ll have to change the phone jack back to our primary line. It’ll most likely mean I’ll have to spend much less time online, because how else will I receive any important phone calls, unless Dad has some other plan in mind (but I don’t see him getting cell phones for everyone, unless Mom’s planning on that). I’ve mentioned before that no decent broadband options exist, so I know we’re not getting that.


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