It happens yet again

How long has this gone on? It’s only been six months, but it seems much longer. But still, I’ve tried for half a year to get back into the ranks of the gainfully employed, and still, I have nothing. Another rejection letter came from Target. It said that other candidates come closer to their job requirements, but I shouldn’t take it as a negative evaluation of my accomplishments. Damn! How else am I supposed to take it? They don’t have the courage to tell me straight out that I’m not good enough, so they instead say that hundreds are better than I am. It hurts. I’ve tried over and over, and I’m always stuck being the one who gets rejected. I can never be accepted, either professionally or personally. I have so wanted to cry, but I can’t even bring myself to do that, being the hardly emotional guy that I am. Sometimes, I think people take pleasure in my pain. They don’t have the problems I do, and thus they will never be able to fully relate to my predicament.

Eh, I’ve whined and complained for the past six months, and I get nothing. I apply for jobs I know I can handle, and I still end up with nothing. Heck, even the jobs I have gotten, some minor detail that I had no clue was happening eventually made me end up with nothing. The fact is that I know I’m not a nothing, but people treat me as if I’m a nothing. When will I finally be treated as a something? All I perceive from people is their ability to spite others and make them feel unappreciated. I want someone to prove me wrong.


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