It’s becoming humid again

Verizon decided to cut the second line about a half hour or so ago, and I had not changed the jack around before, so I had to spend some time hunting down a big enough Phillip’s head (couldn’t Verizon have waited until I went to bed?). Anyway, Dad’s thinking of getting voice mail for the line, so we wouldn’t totally miss on our calls. But most of the people who call don’t leave messages on the answering machine, so who’s to say they’ll leave messages on voice mail? We’ll have to wait and see on that one.

The Cubs won, the Braves lost, and I’ve got a funny feeling about me. I thought about going on to the deck to just stargaze, but it probably isn’t any better humidity wise than it is in here. Maybe I’ll do it on some other clear night when it isn’t so muggy (yeah, they’ll be few and far between, like everything else in my life).

I did see that new Whammy! show. The contestant from Kalamazoo was absolutely nuts up there. I can’t say I’m for the junk raining down on them when they hit the so-called Double Whammy, but overall it looked pretty entertaining. Press Your Luck was not something that was meant to be improved by any stretch of the imagination.


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