Heh, you knew I wasn’t the only one who liked Whammy!

I found a community called , which basically discusses the new game show. I figure that even if the game itself sucked (which it doesn’t, of course), some of the contestants are the best ever (Skyler from Kalamazoo being one example). One user offers recaps from each episode, which will most likely be useful considering the next few months I’ll be devoted to watching something else (though it does air at 3:30pm, IIRC, so maybe I won’t miss any of them).

Heh, for some reason, I feel much better than I did earlier. Reality checks can do that for you.

In closing, LET ‘EM SEE RED and VOTE PURPLE!!!

And as a side note: The Freep hasn’t had an updated wallpaper gallery for three years. They still have pictures of Ulf Samuelsson and Wendel Clark. Ooops. Hopefully the News will have one, or maybe I’ll just go to Let’s Go Wings as I did before the power failure.


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