I should have said “in the last few minutes of” instead of “reaching”

Sadie died early this morning, of what I can only figure as a combination of old age and heat exhaustion. I don’t know exactly where we’ll bury her, but that’s really one of those insignicant details when it comes down to it. Like I said previously, she will be missed.

I’m sort of still undecided as to Alchem, but it has a reputation as a strong company, one of my many factors on deciding whether a job is worth it or not. But don’t be surprised if I decide not to apply there. I may have a tolerance for heat, but I don’t think it’s that high of a tolerance.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s game. The Wings must win tonight, or otherwise have quite a hole for them to climb out. I think they’ll be very fortunate if they can win in Vancouver (which they’ll have to win at least one game there now).


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