Montreal is off to a great start

5-2 over the Bruins to make both eights 1-0 in their respective series. Fortunately, only two games are on tomorrow, both early games. I’ll be very hard-pressed Saturday afternoon to catch most of the games, as ABC does the regional thing with all four games being shown at 3:00. My guess is that my region will get Blackhawks-Blues (probably the best of what’s being shown that day, but that’s only because I like the Central Division so much), but you might think being near Detroit’s market might get us the Avs’ series so we could root against them ;D And now I have looked at the map, and I can confirm that I’ll get Blues-Blackhawks (Game 1 was just awesome). I know that they’ll show highlights from other games, but it just isn’t the same as flipping back and forth while one game is in TV timeout. But now I’m just rambling, and that can’t be good.

Adam has changed his mind and has decided to go to school today, his senior skip day. I tried to convince him to skip, but he’d rather hang out at school for some strange reason. It sort of reminds me of my senior skip day. I don’t remember what I did that made the skipping worth it, but it was a day away from school, so I was satisfied enough. I think the excitement is starting to set in for him since he got all his stuff at the beginning of the week. He’s also quite excited to get his braces off at the end of next month. He also has been quite determined to lose 30 pounds so he can get into the Navy. But anyway, enough about annoying little brother. He has his own LiveJournal, but he never seems to want to update. I can’t put a gun to his head, though, so most of what you hear about him is through me.

Sadie is reaching the December of her life, as she seems to be running an abnormal fever. Who could believe we’ve had that dog for over 11 years now? Incidentally, the only pet of ours I’ve ever known to have died was Pepper, a black cat tho whom I really didn’t get too attached (she had a lighter colored playmate named Salty). Anyway, she’s still quite the intelligent dog, knowing that whenever Mom cooked corned beef hash, she would get to lick the pan when it cooled. Even if Mom had forgotten about the pan, Sadie always remembered, and would somehow order whoever it was to get that pan on the floor. She would bear quite a few puppies, including Liberty, who still enjoys the companionship of her mother (wish we all could feel that way). Once Sadie kicks the bucket, she will be missed.

The lightning to the north looks rather cool. I wonder if it’s raining in Dowling.


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