GRAHH! Down 0-2, what are we to do? Crush things ’til our hands turn blue?

The Wings looked pathetic last night, playing like it didn’t matter whether we go to Vancouver down 0-2 or simply a 1-1 split. Looks like the rush to get home-ice through every round was rather pointless, as home-ice only matters if you win your home games. Now the Wings have to turn it up by several notches if they expect to get back in the series. The thing is, I fully expect the Canucks to rise to the occaision as well. With the ESPN announcers calling the first two games “shockers,” I would have to disagree. We knew that coming into the playoffs that Vancouver was hot and Detroit was not, so why is it such a surprise that Vancouver was up 2-0? Hasek also hasn’t been playing like Hasek should, something I knew would come up when we acquired him before the start of the season. I think heads will roll if the Wings get swept in this round. You would hope they wouldn’t, but if Ilitch is as angered as the rest of the fans, you would think the coaching staff and even Ken Holland would be shown the door without hesitation.

I also must be slightly amused by the fact that Carolina, a team that wasn’t expected to do anything despite being a three-seed (because they won the weak Southeast), is up 2-0 on the Devils. Can we say the ‘Canes are trying to say, “See, we can play when it comes playoff time, so don’t dis us!”? That’s what I got after seeing the first two games of that series. Clearly, I think this playoff year is the best we’ve had in a while, and we’re not even three games into the first round. Imagine how it’ll be once it gets down to the conference finals. Hoo-boy, this is why I say if you’ve never watched playoff hockey, then what in blazes are you doing? It’s great stuff, and is easily better than whatever else happens to be on TV at the same time.


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