I knew there was a reason I didn’t vote Gore

If you read any of the Times‘s guest op-ed pieces, you know they go after people with a liberal state of mind. And such is obviously the case with Gore’s piece. Okay, Al, I’m for forward-thinking as much as any man, but why is it that you suggest we do things that’ll stifle our prosperity now? I would think it to be great if we could lean on renewable resources, but right now, they aren’t as economically feasible as the fossil fuels are. True, we do need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and the way to do that is to go after what’s already under our lands and waters. And what is the deal with Gore attacking the industry? Why does it have to be so wrong for those who are experts in a given industry to have a say as to how it is governed? Hmm, I’m still scratching my head over that one. We know Kyoto is a bad agreement that seeks to stifle our industry by forcing unnecessary regulations. My suggestion to Mr. Gore would be that if he truly is forward-thinking, he should allow the market to decide when the world will move away from fossil fuels, not the government. If he respects the American way of life, he should see that forcing regulations and attacking an industry does nothing but condemn the way of life.

Switching gears, Colorado, Toronto, St. Louis, and Phoenix won their games. In the case of the former two, they’re up 2-0 and the latter two have pulled even. Plus, Ottawa and Philly are playing right now… what the hell am I doing here? Later, peepz!


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