Random stuff

I ran my errands today, and I kept $10.00 for myself. I wanted to buy a bag of Smarties, but neither Felpausch nor Kroger had it in their candy aisles. Why would there not be any Smarties in the candy aisles? I would scream if I didn’t have better composure. So I ended up buying a Kalamazoo Gazette and a bag of pretzels.

Speaking of the Kalamazoo Gazette, there was an article I wanted to share, but apparently, mlive didn’t have the article posted on the website, so I’ll just provide a humorous summary. The article was about a woman who was born without arms, and how she had to do nearly everything with her feet. It gives new meaning to the phrase “that woman is all leg.” If the person who was featured in the story is reading this, you have every right to come to my house and kick me in the shins if you’re offended. Not much else was very noteworthy in today’s paper.

I’m assuming Marc is still coming tomorrow, since he hasn’t indicated anything to the contrary. We never really discussed what we were going to do besides make fake flirtations towards each other (which is always assumed :-*) and look at the new set of wheels, but I’m sure it’ll be fun whatever we do. I don’t think what we do is really that important anyway, just as long as we get to see each other. It’s a rare occaision for me to hook up with the ones for which I care greatly, so this visit will be greatly appreciated.

In another story, the people in NAP are cowards. If they’re going to make a stand, they shouldn’t be scared to bring in a half-kilo of hash! Sure, it would’ve been much worse, but at least they wouldn’t come off as pansies.


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