The game was pretty good

Props to the Red Wings for what appeared to be a step-up in their play (or did Vancouver suddenly fizzle?) A nice 3-1 victory gives them a game within pulling even, and you know when that happens, all hell will break loose. Also, the Blues look pretty dominant in their last two games. I can just see Passmore getting the start in Game 4. The playoffs are starting to get very intense, that even though I fought to stay awake during last night’s game, I don’t think I’ll fall asleep during the next one. At least that’s what I’m shooting for. Maybe I’ll have to make a pot of coffee for games that go into sextuple or septuple OT.

Marc can’t make it today, but his keeping in good health is greatly more important than time spent with yours truly. I told him that hopefully the lump that came up is nothing more than just that. It’d be quite a shame if it were anything more.


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