Something I noticed today, yet someone beat me to the punch

This post in basically summarizes the way I feel about how they changed the comment notification emails. I, too, went “Huh?” when I saw how they changed it so the link only showed the most recent comment someone gave instead of the entire thread. The addition of the “Reply” link wasn’t bad at all (it saves a click or two when you want to fire off a quick reply), but somehow, I wish they had left the link to the entire conversation, not just part of the thread. Of course, I read the aforementioned post and its comments and find that it will be fixed soon. Hooray for sanity or something like that.

I’m still not happy that I won’t get to see the Wings, but maybe having ESPN not covering them will result in a much better win for them. That would be the way I figure it. The Wings play their most inspired hockey ever when the majority of the country can’t watch.


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