Ah, what a swell day!

I just got home from hanging with Marc, and I’ll tell you, that Toyota Prius is a blast. When it comes time for me to buy a new car, I definitely want a hybrid (though not necessarily a Toyota). He was telling me how great it was, how it gets nearly 50 miles to the gallon. But what’s really neat about it was the touchscreen which gave you all the statistics and stuff (it also controls the sound system, which has digital FM!!!). He also has a seven year warranty and three years of service included with it. For only $23,000, I don’t think he got a bad deal at all.

Anyway, about the trip itself, we went up to Battle Creek and had lunch at Niskers, where I had a Babs, fries, and a Tsunami to chase it down. Marc had to admit that they had great burgers (of course, I always knew that they have). On the way up, he had given me updates on a few people and said that a few had fallen off the wagon. I mean no disrespect to my peers, but it made me feel a whole lot better about myself. After lunch, we stopped over by Barb’s place of employment so I could see where she worked. It was a quaint little area where Barb worked, near a buttload of servers. They had fired her boss and she was looking to update the networks so they were all NT (instead of the rocky NT-Novell conflagaration they have now). After I had gotten a look at the place, we took Barb up to Ritzee so she could get some lunch. We go through the drive through (which is as grating as you would expect), and something that amused me was when the girl repeated the condiments, which were mayonaise, tomato, lettuce, etc., as mayonaise, mayo, lettuce, etc. Um, was there also supposed to be mayo? Anyway, we take Barb back and head on home.

I got to drive for most of the way home, and as with most cars with ABS, it took me a while to adjust to the braking. It took a little more pressure on the accelerator, but the fact is that there’s only a 4-cylinder engine, and with an automatic, any 4 cylinder requires a little more oomph to go. Marc and Barb are looking to replace their lawnmower, so Marc and I stopped at Spoor and Parlin so he could take a gander at what they had. We found one of those used commercial mowers that is excellent for climbing hills and would just be great for their hilly, expansive yard. Marc called Barb to give the details, and Marc was going to try to secure financing on his way back up. It should be interesting to find out whether he could get it himself or whether Barb will have to finance it.

All in all, it was a very good outing for me. We talked hockey for quite a bit, and he told me about all the new toys they have now (32″ TV, spectacular sound system, etc.). Plus, the day was absolutely gorgeous for a drive. Like Marc told me, we’d definitely have to do something like that again. There aren’t too many people in this world with whom I’ve built quite a rapport, so seeing Marc was well worth my time. There might also be another postion at Muraski (where Barb works) that would suit me and my skills, so there’s much to look forward to.

There was also a story about Barb’s nephew’s car, but I’ll leave Marc to tell that story whenever he gets the time. I’m afraid I would flub it somewhere.


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