The WTA is whining yet again

They’re still mad that Wimbledon isn’t going to pay the women’s champion the same amount as the men’s. Now I’m all for fairness, and the way it is now, it’s perfectly fair. Women only play the best of three sets, while men play the best of five. It ultimately results in the men playing longer. As long as Wimbledon and the French Open keep the rules as they are, there’s no reason the women should make the same amount as the men (I think the U.S. and Australian Opens awarding equal prize money is ridiculous, given how they use the same rules as the other two majors). If, by any chance, the French and Wimbledon ever do decide to have the women play the same number of sets, then the WTA would have a legitimate beef if the payouts aren’t equalized at the same time. Why isn’t someone from the ATP or either of the two tournaments pointing the fact out that men play longer in the major tournaments? The explanation would make sense to me.


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