Yes! 2-2 heading back to Hockeytown!

Although I couldn’t see the game, the Wings won 4-2 (of course, in the game I could see, the Avs won 1-0 >:[). Now I look forward to the Wings finally winning a home game in this series. Of course, Vancouver must be scratching their heads after they couldn’t beat the Wings in Vancouver. Of course, if this goes the full seven, expect an all out dogfight. It seemed as thought there were interesting victories all over the league tonight, including another shutout by Brent Johnson (the first ever to get his first three playoff wins by shutout) and the Blues. Three hours, three minutes and 10 seconds the Blackhawks haven’t been able to score. I know Philly’s scoreless streak is at 120 minutes even, and the fact that no first-round series will end in a sweep is just another reminder at how good this playoff season is turning out (despite the scoreless streaks). Tonight’s action should be spectacular.


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