Woo! 3-2, baby!

It was a great 4-0 win by the Wings. I got to watch this game at Marc’s, and I’ll tell you, it was quite the blast surprising him with my appearance.

To those of you who complained about broken friends pages (and even those who didn’t), I apologize, but I was in a hurry to get my résumé up to Musashi Auto in Battle Creek, and thus, I didn’t check to see that I had a missing < at the start of the last entry (compound the fact that I was at Marc’s the entire afternoon, and I couldn’t fix it until a few minutes ago).

Now I must get back to OT of a scoreless Avs-Kings game (go Kings!!!). Woo, 2:19 into OT, and the Kings win. Booyah!

I also wanted to denounce the hit Kyle McLaren put on Richard Zednick near the end of the Habs-Bruins game. There is no excuse for such an elbow, and I’m hoping that McLaren will be heavily fined and suspended. Some of the fans’ reaction was also uncalled for. Nevertheless, Game 5 of this series will prove to be very interesting.


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