My predictions so far

Well, it looks as if I’ve almost got the West called correctly (SJ needed one fewer game than I thought, LA has to win the next two, and Detroit later tonight), but because ol’ Brian doesn’t know the East as well as he thought, several of those predictions are going to be flubbed (I didn’t expect Philly to be offensively stagnant, and Carolina can close out Jersey tomorrow afternoon). Plus, the Isles look as if they’ll go down, so the East will likely go down as a bust. And of course, I’ll look very foolish indeed if Jersey (my predicted cup winner) goes down to Carolina. As a fan, though, I want the Wings to win it all, and I’ve been quite impressed at how they’ve turned it up. I’m hoping they can keep it up, because the next round won’t be a picnic, whichever of the Blues or Kings the Wings would get if they moved on.

I also must express disappointment at the Cubs for losing 10-0 to the Dodgers. And really, I don’t think they’d be doing much better if everyone were healthy. Baseball’s kind of funny in a way, because teams you wouldn’t expect to be doing well are doing well, and others, well, it’s a bit premature to determine suckage of certain teams. I would be utterly happy if the Cubs could threaten and perhaps win the NL Central, but I suppose I’ll settle for anyone besides Atlanta winning the East. And really, when you think about it, the other teams in that division have a better chance at dethroning Atlanta than ever before. I’ve only casually observed the goings-on so far, but with hockey playoffs going on, I’m not too concerned about baseball at the moment. Detroit will probably finish worst in the league, but then the Tigers play in a division where everyone else can severely outplay them (the win against Minnesota was probably a fluke ;). I won’t make any “real” predictions until hockey is done and I can turn my full attention to baseball (since that’ll be the only sport I care about going on, unless I decide to follow arena football more closely :D).

Lately, it seems some of my horoscopes have been dead-on in describing my situation. Now, I’m not big on astrology by any stretch of the imagination, but somehow, I think they’re trying to tell me something. As an example at just how good these astrologers seem to be, I’ll share today’s, just for kicks:

Your Daily Horoscope for April 27, 2002

Dear Brian,
Today’s planetary configuration signifies the beginning of a new cycle that will focus on your search for your identity. You are undoubtedly going to be asked to put who you are into words followed quickly by action, Brian! After all of the questions you have been asking in recent months, it is time that you make some progress!

Best wishes for today, from the astrologers of

Really, I’d hate to think how seriously I’d take them if I were a huge astrology buff. Be fortunate I’m not one of those fools who posts his horoscope every day.


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