Another so-so weekend

I pretty much summed up everything when I talked about Mom’s new cellphone, and other than that, there wasn’t too much that happened. Marc and Barb are finally ditching AOL, and after the way they treated him, I would expect nothing less from them. And last night, the Islanders pulled out a win against the Leafs to force a Game 7 of their series. Montreal can also pull off the upset special tonight, and I fully expect them to go all out (but of course, I won’t be disappointed if that series goes the full 7).

Supposedly this week, Cardinal IG is supposed to be looking through the apps, so I should be expecting some form of communication from them this week. I’m also anticipating an interview from Musashi, given my connection there. Frankly, things are starting to look better than they were, but I’m still not satisfied with my situation yet. I think I learned a very valuable lesson this past week, and that is that true friends are always pulling for you, even though it appears that they aren’t. Reassurance is always helpful, but I can’t count on being reassured all the time. Somehow, I think this has been one of my weaknesses – not having enough faith in people sticking behind me through even the darkest times. I know I’m pulling for all of you through all your times, pleasant and not so.

I also have a new lurker today, whose friends list numbers over 10% of those who have ever updated, as of today. I barely can keep up with the 20 I list, so it must be a headache to keep up with nearly 5,000. And as I was typing this, another lurker has come, though it stands to reason she added me because we both list Bejeweled as an interest. I can only hope to continue to keep this as entertaining as I have.


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