Well, so far May is looking to be pretty good

Lydia from Peckham called me today, and she wants the supervisor of ADP security to interview me on Friday. At first, I was scheduled for Friday at 11, but then I had to reschedule for 2. Gosh, I’m so giddy it’s ridiculous. To think I could be back in the Federal Center and not in that call center job just makes me grin. I would be infinitely better suited to handle computer security work than call center work any day. That’s two positions I have that, while I wouldn’t consider them locks, I could end up being the prime candidate. I feel like I can finally control my own destiny.

Tomorrow, I’m going up to a seminar in Battle Creek which basically describes different job interview techniques people use. I still haven’t decided whether it will be beneficial, but, heh, because I can, I’ll ask for your input.

I think I’ve covered all my bases pretty well. 😉

Edit: I must stop looking at convention photos, or I’ll have no appetite for the luncheon buffet (a middle aged guy in a Sailor Moon outfit is just–must…find… CYANIDE!).


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