The workshop was entertaining

Two of the speakers weren’t all that interesting, but there was one from KCC who was rather nuts. They said you have a much better chance of success if you can network, but somehow, I’ve never been one to go out there and just cold call employers (morbid fear of talking on telephones can do that). The luncheon buffet was not as exciting as I would’ve expected (although some people would leap at the chance for cold cut sandwiches, I am not one of them), so I settled for a couple of pickles, a cookie, a bag of Lay’s, and a Cherry Coke to chase it down. I also got a donut and some coffee before the whole thing started, and when I paid for my parking, I got a mint with the Ampco Parking logo on the wrapper. I guess I didn’t realize parking companies gave away mints for parking in their structures.

I should see about getting an appointment for my car to be examined (the “Service Engine Soon” light came on). I don’t think there’s a major problem (the lights usually come on at a set interval), but it doesn’t hurt to be sure. Grandma bought a service warranty for the car, so it shouldn’t be that much just to see what could be wrong.

I’m very excited about tomorrow. I know many of you are doing this already, but wish me luck!


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