Hehe, another Saturday night

Tonight, Mom, Adam, and I decided to do Pizza Hut, where as usual I indulged on a Meat Lovers’. Our waitress used to be in Adam’s class in high school, so it was sort of cool to see her. Then we had to get oil for the Crown Vic, but when Adam tried to remove the cap, somehow he broke the spring that attaches the cap to the seal. Needless to say, we couldn’t put any oil in the car, and now it’ll need a new oil cap. Mom says she’s going to use my car tomorrow to go to work, which is fine by me, since I didn’t have anything planned for Sunday. At least my car keeps oil extremely well.

When I saw that Toronto and Ottawa went to triple OT, I had to run out to the family room to catch the rest of that game. Gary Roberts had the game-winner a short while later (I wanted them to go all through the early morning hours :(). One of these days, there will be a game that goes five or six overtimes, and I’d like to be able to see it. Playoff OT hockey is definitely the most exciting thing in sports.


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