It seemed like only yesterday I drank an Orange Crush

Wait a minute, it was yesterday when I had that Crush. Anyway, I run in to get soda for Dad and me (Adam drinks Aquafina now, that snobbish snob of a snob), and of course I see that Colon’s Shell sells Crush. Awesome! ;D But when I thought I had grabbed a Pepsi One for Dad, I found that I had grabbed a Diet instead, and it turns out the little slot labeled Pepsi One contained all Diet Pepsi (of course, it’s designed so you can’t see over the slot). Not awesome! 😡 As I expected, the Crush bottle was not returnable at Meijer. Now, I’m not aware that the honchos at Meijer read these kinds of ‘blogs, but if they happen upon this one, would they get with the Crush people so they can carry at the very least Orange Crush (there’s other flavors like Peach and Fruit Punch, but those just sound blah)? Honestly, does Faygo have that much of a stranglehold on the fruit soda market? Meijer also happens to carry that newfangled Jones stuff, but I haven’t had a reason to buy that yet. Plus, IIRC, Wal-Mart does carry Crush, so if Meijer really wants to keep its dominance over Wal-Mart (at least as far as the Midwest is concerned), it would behoove them to get the BEST orange soda on its shelves.

Oh, you want the real reason why we made this trip? Dad wanted to get some flowers for the flowerbeds, so he checked the Three Rivers Meijer store for something he wanted, but he never found exactly what he wanted. We also got a replacement oil cap for the Crown Vic (it’s so much better than that springy one). We came home, had some DiGiorno, and then I watched Montreal even their series against the ‘Canes.

I think after Mom got off the comp (it was only 10:30 or so), I checked my mail, etc., and I actually got to bed before one and slept great. Sunday was just a day of contentment. Today I have to take my little Escort in to Haylett’s and see just why my service engine light is on. It doesn’t sound serious now, but isn’t the advice always to get it checked out early so it doesn’t become an even bigger problem? If only I could apply that bit of wisdom to everything…


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