The Grand Manipulator strikes again

[15:10] grandManipulator: fancy
[15:11] rawmustard: Yes?
[15:11] grandManipulator: that is all i wanted to say
[15:11] grandManipulator: that and…
[15:11] grandManipulator: you probably want to make out with me
[15:12] rawmustard: Eh, probably not. Nice try, though. 😉
[15:12] grandManipulator: damn
[15:13] grandManipulator: nice usage of purple by the way [I could use the tags to make my text purple, but I’m too lazy 😀 -Ed.]
[15:13] rawmustard: Thanks.
[15:13] grandManipulator: may i ask who this is?
[15:14] rawmustard: I’m Brian, that lovable fellow who doesn’t want to make out with you.
[15:15] grandManipulator: well i am sara, the love-able gal who everyone wants to make out with

From there, she asked about whether the link in her profile worked. Of course, I had to tell her it worked in AIM but not Trillian. Anyway, I love being difficult to seduce. ;-*


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