Yes, I was going to get to it eventually

The Wings lost a tough game to the Blues 6-1. The only thing that could be redeeming is that Manny saw some action. But then again, he let the first shot he faced in, so in fact, nothing could redeem the loss. When Datsyuk tied it, I really thought the momentum would stay our way, but the Blues finally found their powerplay. The funny moment would probably be when the crowd didn’t figure Tkachuk had a hat trick until the announcer mentioned it (the previous goal had just been changed). The hats and other things came flying while play was going on. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen before.

After the game, I basically slept through the 11pm SportsCenter, and by the time I got up again, the 1am SportsCenter was just about over. Now I’m finding it difficult to get to bed and sleep. Later today should prove to be rather good.


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