Blarg, quiet night as always

Toronto and Colorado both won. Hopefully later tonight, the Wings and the Habs can both win. No word from Lydia as of yet, but I’m thinking she’ll call today. Even if I don’t get this job, it’ll be much better than those who wouldn’t dare give me any hint of communication at all. Then there’s still that job where Barb works. Who knows when they’ll start interviewing for that position? Given how bad it’s been, if I can’t land one of these two jobs, it’ll feel like I’ve been beaten down yet again. But I always have said I’d never give in, and I aim to keep my own word. Many are counting on me.

How can I be a hockey fan and not link to a post involving Barry Melrose’s lost mullet? It’s not really hilarious, but just before 3am, anything can be amusing.


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