The Wings move on!

It was quite an impressive 4-0 win, with Shanny getting the last two goals. The Blues didn’t play with any desperation at all, especially after pulling Johnson for the extra skater. On that last goal, Shanny had all the time in the world to shoot. Now the Wings will have lots of time to rest as they await the winner of the Sharks-Avs. I would prefer the Sharks to come out of that series, but of course, I’ll gladly accept the Avs (since we know they’ll have to do it in seven now).

The family gettogether wasn’t really that exciting. Steve, for whatever zany reason, thought the Kings-Mavs game was more important than the Wings, so unfortunately we had to switch back and forth every so often. The food was decent, and I think I napped for a little bit after the basketball game ended. Mom had to stop at Meijer afterward so she could get the frozen chicken breasts while they were still on sale (buy one, get one free). Those truly are great to throw on the grill. We also got to take home the leftover cake, probably because we were the ones who brought it in the first place.

Tomorrow, Dad will more than likely want to visit his mother, and I’ll likely go along for that. Other than that, I don’t think there’s too much going on tomorrow. I just want to sleep for most of the morning, and just maybe for a bit of the afternoon.


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