I did the next most reasonable thing

I unprotected that last entry about my parent’s divorce. I figure that perhaps maybe they will run into it, if they do happen to look here for some reason. It still won’t make up for telling them personally how I feel, but I figure I shouldn’t shut the rest of the world out of it because of that. Of course, I knew Marc would help me cope with all this. Now that it’s been about 24 hours from when I first heard, I still feel a little shafted.

Moving on to much more pleasant matters, San Jose can close out the Avs tonight, and you can bet I’ll be watching with great enthusiasm. If you recall my predictions, I had San Jose to prevail over Detroit, mainly because I predicted that the relatively younger Sharks would get more rest. Interestingly enough, it was Detroit who prevailed in five over the Blues instead of the Sharks, and so the guys in the Winged Wheel get the benefit of the rest (they definitely need it more). The Wings definitely have an edge against San Jose, but I think the Sharks are much more dangerous than Colorado, which is why I want the Sharks to play the Wings. IMO, the Wings will play better as a result, and if they make it to the finals, they’ll be ready to take on anyone coming from the East (Carolina looks most dangerous from that conference, as far as I can tell). Somehow, I think Theodore won’t regain his game in time, and Lalime will do anything to get a fifth shutout, so a Carolina-Ottawa Eastern final looks very likely, despite not being favored by the fans.

I think there’s some ice cream in the freezer, so I’m going to go nosh on some of that. I really need to call my job placement consultant from MRS and schedule another appointment, but I just don’t feel like doing so right now. I’ve heard the chant before (that whole “Procrastination is death” or something similar), but I really need some time for myself. It’ll be the only way I keep myself alive.

And one other thing: I saw the headline “Reality Bites, Deadbeat Sex Client Finds” in the Oddly Enough section from Yahoo! News (though I’m certain you’ll find it on more than one site). I didn’t actually read the article, and if you have any lick of common sense, you won’t read it either ;p.


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