Be careful at Broadway and Harrison, because TRAFFIC LIGHT ON THE BLINK :D

Yawn, so Mom offically gets served the papers today. It’ll be interesting to see just what she does. I think she’s going to consult a lawyer, just so she has an idea of just what she’s getting into with this whole thing. I talked to her a little last night, and she said that if they had tried to work through it some time ago, they might not have had to go through this. I still don’t see why Dad didn’t say anything to us until this week. But it clearly looks as if there’s not turning back now. It’s a shame, because I always thought marriage to be a sacred institution. Now I’m beginning to have doubts on whether marriage will actually benefit me at all. I guess the only thing I could ever do was if I were to get married, I could never take the vows for granted. Unfortunately, this is what I believe happened to my parents. I would hope this never happens to me or anyone else who is either married now or planning to get married.


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