GAAH! Stupid check engine lights!

It came on while I was heading up to Battle Creek. It’s not even two weeks since the spark plugs were replaced. As to how the morning went, I’d say it went very well. I got to talk with Marc and Barb again, and they were nice enough to buy me breakfast. They’ve decided that Barb’s mom likely won’t make it out of the hospital, but I will remain hopeful as always. Mom also came home from foot surgery okay, so no problems there so far. I think my interview was great. They’re looking to fill a receiving job, and if one of the mail room people ends up with that, I could get in the mail room. Either one is good for me, and the Health and Welfare Benefit is more for that particular contract, so that would mean a little more for my retirement account after my benefits are bought.

I suppose I should apologize about all this loneliness crap I seem to be writing lately. It’s just that something like this has never happened to me, and thus I end up saying things that I know in my heart are false. And as Marc says, it’s not my fault. In time, I’ll learn to cope rationally with all my fears. But I will say that fear has never consumed me, and I’m not going to allow fear to ever have the upper hand.

On a much lighter note, my good friend Mike Addison supposedly has a website, and it’s about the most godly animal of them all: the monkey! Sweet Jeebus, I must find and view this site! 😀 THE MONKEYS ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD! BWAHAHA!


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