1-0, baby! WOOHOO!

What an exciting game played by the Wings. Darren McCarty’s natural hat trick will be one for the ages. He’s easily the best player of the game. Colorado was just dead in the third period for all intents, since so little of the play in that period actually came to the Detroit zone. I think the next game will set the tone of the series — it will either be an easy victory or a grueling series (I prefer the latter, but I won’t complain if the Avs get swept). Today was just an awesome day, even if it didn’t involve hockey.

I tried some of that Vanilla Coke today, and while it’s not all that great, it isn’t terrible either. At 50 cents a bottle (plus the deposit), I’m satisfied, though as someone else suggested, perhaps the vanilla flavor not being sweetened doesn’t make it as good as it could be. I’ll have to have it again, just so I can be sure.

Mom’s folks brought over some meatloaf, so I believe I will nosh on some of that. Other than some leftover spaghetti and some Goldfish, I haven’t eaten anything. Yeah, I really just like to use the words “I haven’t eaten anything.”


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