Well, 1-1, but it was a good game

Drury got the game-winner in OT on a nice move. I was quite impressed that Patrick might’ve caused victory to slip away, but now he’s 9-0 in games after he’s given up 5+. What I really want to know was where Datsyuk was during the third? Nine minutes certainly isn’t enough time to do anything important. Of course, Scotty’s mantra of preferring veterans had much to do with it I would imagine, but I thought both he and Williams could play 15-20 minutes if need be (wasn’t the whole idea to not have Yzerman play as many minutes?). Anyway, it’s an even series heading over to Denver.

Even getting home in time for the opening faceoff was quite fortunate for me, as I had to take Mom over to Coldwater for another one of her scrapbooking things. Tomorrow will be spent taking her to her podiatrist and running other errands, not the least of which is running her over to meet with her attorney. It still feels weird, but now since it’s been over a week, some of the shock has worn off. That’s about all that can wear off when dealing with something as grave as this.


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