I’m at the library yet again

This time, Mom needed to get some forms in order to file her answers to Dad’s allegations. Of course, there was one thing that is truly upsetting about all of this. Says Mom, “We won’t make it home by 8:00.” GAAAH! Why do bad things have to happen to me? To think that Mom’s errands can in any way affect my ability to watch the game is just heartbreaking. I was fully expecting to be home in order to watch the game, but Mom springs an unexpected errand on me. I hope Adam remembers everything about the first period vividly. I don’t really like listening to Ken Kal on the radio, but that will be for another time. All of you should be hoping and praying I don’t go ballistic and start kicking puppies. Because puppies are cute and adorable, but when anger is in the blood, they become hackeysacks. ;D Ok, I’d better stop there before some guys in white coats appear behind me.

And those cute eyes… oh, they’re always so adorable.


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