Gosh, what would life be like if I didn’t mention how the rest of the day went. Mom met with the lawyer (I sat in with him), and basically he found that much of what Dad’s lawyer had filed was unnecessary — let me just use the analogy he used — it was like running all the tests in the hospital when you only need a few tests. However, Mom has to pay a $1500 retainer (which is for the first 12 hours) by Wednesday afternoon if she wishes to retain Mr. Hayes (the lawyer) by their first hearing Friday afternoon. I know it’s quite a lot of money, but given the circumstances, she had very little choice, and personally I wouldn’t want her to have to go through that thing without a lawyer. We got the appointment for the Crown Vic canceled, and hopefully Mom will be able to get a loan by tomorrow. Oh, did I also mention that a realtor is coming to look at the house tomorrow? It means I’m going to be busy yet again cleaning house. Bitch. Moan. SCREAM!!… ahem, anyway, it won’t be that bad. Perhaps I’ll also hear about either of the jobs I’m looking to get. Sigh, a mailroom. Do I really want a job where I have to remember postage rates only to have the Postal Service change them within the next five seconds (and I’m not ashamed of exaggerating)? At least if I do get the mail room job, I would be able to make occasional trips to the post office and go on mail runs throughout the building. It wouldn’t be total monotony. Of course, the receiving job has its benefits as well, but I would suspect if I got hired, I would be filling the shoes of the person who moved up to receiving. It only makes sense for Peckham to do it that way.

I also saw the end of the Toronto-Carolina game. Another 2-1 game in this series. You would think that with the West having the top two goalies that that series would have the fewer goals of the two. But really, I don’t think either of the teams in the East have as potent an offense than the teams in the West. Great goaltending will keep you in the game, but against a highly potent offense, you’re lucky if you give up four or fewer goals per game.


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