I’m just chillin’ at the library, again

This computer with XP Pro is just so übercool, with the way all the scrollbars look! I must get a decent job again just so I can plan to buy cool things again. My PS2 might start to hate me if all I play anymore is NHL 2002. Maybe I can get a place that has decent broadband and then I can consider Madden 2003, with all its Internet capability goodness. But that’s several months off before I can even think I’ll be able to afford that kind of stuff.

Anyway, the reason I’m here is because we came into Coldwater so we could go to the senior recognition thing at the Career Center. Adam did get a perfect attendance award for this year, which meant he got $10 in Blockbuster gift cards. It’ll be good for a couple game rentals. There was also ice cream afterwards, with hot fudge and strawberries. They say the way to a happy heart is a happy stomach, and I’ll say that my tummy feels rather pleasant. Mom typed up her response to the divorce and is getting it notarized. The rather pointless hearing is tomorrow morning, and the realtor is coming back this afternoon. I’ll probably end up being the one who has to take pictures of Adam’s senior parade. I can hardly believe today is his last day.


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