YEAH!! UP 2-1!!

Clearly, I can forgive Mom for having me haul her around Coldwater and missing the first 2.6 periods of the game, as Olauson had a beauty of an OT winner. But then when your team has 42 shots compared to their paltry 21, you should expect to win. Anyway, now I feel like I want to embrace all the puppies of the world. Or maybe kittens. Heck, whatever baby ferrets are called; I can embrace all…well, maybe not the porcupines, but you get the picture.

In a little over four hours, I’ll have to do the errand thing yet again. At least there’s two days off between this last game and next. I feel like I could use the rest. Oh well, more on all that at a later time. It’s time for me to curl up on my sofa and sleep again.

Oh, and because I want to do it, here’s that dictator quiz thingy:

As dictators go, you’re kind of pathetic! Instead of military coup or systematic persecution to get power, you just happen to be the head of the only party in the UK that isn’t totally worthless! While not very impressive it is none the less effective! You can do whatever the hell you like without any chance of getting voted out of office! People know that the only alternative would have them eating their children if they ever got back into power! However, you still think that you are as loved as you were when you were first elected into power… News flash for you: You’re not!

What tin-pot dictator are you? Take the “What Dictator am I?” test at

And one more thing: must DIE for what she did in . Fuck up my friends page with her insanely stupid long greetings, posted THRICE!! >:O Let’s use her remains as food to punish similar dopes.


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