With no hockey, it sure makes for a lonely night

After I watched Whammy!, I actually tuned in to the last half hour of Iron Chef. Tomatoes was the theme ingredient, and seeing all the pasta dishes made my mouth water. Kobe had won, but the Italian challenger had quite the vocal support. Speaking of food, I noticed Dad had left a steak on the grill, so I took it off (fortunately it wasn’t too charred), shut off the grill, and ate the steak. An hour or so later after Dad had gone to bed, he came out and asked me to shut off the grill, forgetting about his steak. Looks like he’s a loser twice over.

Tomorrow, we’re celebrating Cecelia’s first birthday. I’m not overly excited, but anything that has cake and ice cream has my approval. Cecelia is the daughter of Penny, who’s the daughter of Lynn, someone we unofficially adopted into the family about the time Penny was born. It amazes me that Penny about a year my junior and she’s already settled in raising a family. But that’s really not the point of this whole paragraph. I’m sure everyone will have a good time.

Gosh, nothing to do and nobody to carry on a good conversation. Looks like I’ll put on one of my CDs and see if I can’t snooze while browsing.


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